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  • Great 5000

    Work on 5 systems
    & 50 Meter

    One of the best devices in the world

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  • GREAT 4S

    Work on 4 systems
    & 25 Meter

    The device is characterized by high accuracy and speed

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  • GREAT 2S

    Work on 3 systems
    & 18 Meter

    Designed with the latest technology in the field of detection

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    Work on 3 systems
    & 15 Meter

    Providing the best performance in detecting underground targets

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Gold Detector

We offer you the best equipment

Gold detectors and metal detectors from the global great detectors Technology Group provide prospectors around the world with reliable and proven devices that meet their aspirations and needs in detecting raw natural gold and ancient coins, excavating valuable archaeological treasures, and detecting voids such as tunnels and underground caves.

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About us

Great Detectors

Great Detectors Company is the exclusive agent in Turkey, Istanbul and the Middle East for major global gold detectors factories, with 25 years of experience in the field of gold and ancient treasures detectors, specializing in the trade of detectors for precious metals and raw gold. , Great Detectors is unique in conducting pre-purchased machine hall trial, professional training and maintenance throughout the basic warranty period of up to 3 years.

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GREAT 5000

Great 5000 is a multi-system, multi-use, multi-application metal detector for detecting metals and treasures buried underground...

$6.500 $6.500
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Original gold detectors from the Great Detectors group, the world's leading manufacturer of selling and trading gold and metal detectors. We offer our customers the best gold detectors

Great detectors

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